Meet Our Residents

Friend Residents

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Brooke’s favorite part of this unique living experience is the friends she has made both at Friendship House Fayetteville and in the community. Brooke choose to live at Friendship House Fayetteville because she was curious how to live on her own. Since moving in, she has gained experience in scheduling her own appointments and managing her space. She is also employed and making her own money.

“I make my own decisions; I am my own person.”

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Michael appreciates the sense of community at Friendship House Fayetteville. “I like being around others like me.” Michael feels more independent with his living skills and feels he has expanded his abilities and learned new things. He loves making new friends and making memories together.

“My favorite memory was our pizza party and activities at The Grange.”

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Wesley moved to Friendship House Fayetteville in 2019 with the goal to become more independent. Since moving in, Wesley has gained confidence to meet new people and complete tasks on his own.

“I have met a lot of wonderful people at Friendship House and I’m impressed with the group of residents living here.”

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Victoria moved into Friendship House Fayetteville in 2018.  She enjoys spending time with her roommates, cooking Sunday dinner and working. Her job has given her the opportunity to earn an income and plan for the future which furthers her ambition to be independent.

“I wanted to move so I could learn how to be more responsible. I’ve learned so many new things while living here, and I continue to do so!”

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John “JB”

JB wanted to live at Friendship House Fayetteville to prepare for his future. He enjoys learning how to do things on his own and making his own decisions. He also enjoys having roommates who are friends.

“My experience has been really good. My best memories are simply spending time with my roommates, from singing songs to doing dishes.”

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Trevonne moved to Friendship House Fayetteville to live on his own because he values the freedom of being independent. Through his experience, he is managing his financials, playing music and discovering a passion for cooking.

“Friendship House Fayetteville has given me more freedom to go places of my choice. My best memories are spending time with my roommates whether its at church or going to a dance.”

Student and Young Professional Residents

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“We are family here,” was one of the best things Steven has heard about the community at Friendship House Fayetteville to date. Steven is a medical student at Campbell University. He enjoys that the Friendship House experience is dedicated to living, learning and growing together.

“The apartments on the campus are very nice and has one of the most affordable rents in the Fayetteville community! It’s a great place to live.”

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“I love Friendship House Fayetteville because I love the laughter and sense of community,” says Chasity. Chasity is a Family Medicine Physician Assistant at New Hope Family Practice. She has been a resident of Friendship House Fayetteville since its inception. She has seen herself develop in her profession and grow as a mentor and friend.

“To someone considering Friendship House Fayetteville as a Housing Option, I would say you are missing out if you don’t do it. You are truly here to be a friend and help someone else get the experience of becoming more independent.”

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Stephen is a College Student at Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine. He became a Student resident at Friendship House Fayetteville in July 2020. He chose to live in Friendship House Fayetteville because he wanted to gain a stronger understanding of how to bridge the gap between people with disabilities and health care providers.

“I’ve learned a lot about how I can be a better service provider, friend, role model and mentor. It’s an amazing experience.”

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Katie is a licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor. Her experience at Friendship House Fayetteville has been very positive. “The friend and student/professional residents have shown me so much support as I adjusted to my job and the campus.” Katie believes there is a great need for more places like Friendship House not just in North Carolina but across the United States and the world.

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Vini is a medical student who is interested in becoming a Physiatrist. He sees himself living at Friendship House Fayetteville until he graduates from Campbell University. He believes his experience has made him more passionate and thinks its enlightening to be a part of something that so heavily involves community and promotes selflessness.

“Friendship House Fayetteville is a great housing option to consider – not only are you getting the unique experience of creating life-long friendships, but it offers affordable rent, the location of the campus is prime, and there are many group events that take place!”