An Inclusive Community Facilitating Growth and Independence through Friendship

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About Friendship House

The concept of Friendship House was first established in Holland, Michigan on the campus of Western Theological Seminary. ServiceSource North Carolina, in partnership with several community stakeholders, replicated this unique model to establish Friendship House in Fayetteville, North Carolina–the fifth Friendship House in the world! This specialized faith-based model calls all residents into a life of communal interdependence and an atmosphere of belonging.

Our Mission

Friendship House Fayetteville works alongside young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families to provide intentional, transitional living. At its core, this faith-based community is rooted in table fellowship expressed through a daily rhythm of eating, praying and celebrating together.

The Friendship House Model

Friendship House Fayetteville is an intentional living community that provides affordable, integrated housing for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (friend residents), with a unique focus on college students and young professionals in the healthcare, allied health, and human service fields.

Friendship House has a transformative effect on students and friends alike. As a gateway to independent living, friend residents are supported by rehabilitation staff to achieve sustainable employment while developing independent living skills. To gain a stronger sense of awareness and education, college students and young professionals serve as mentors and develop a stronger empathy in community living and their professional endeavors.

The Friendship House Fayetteville campus consists of three homes, each with two apartment suites. In each apartment suite, typically three students and/or young professionals live with one “friend resident.” Friend residents are young adults with disabilities who have lived at home with family supports. All residents live as roommates and friends. This model of inclusive living forges relationships of mutual self-giving that transforms and encourage all residents involved. Friend residents gain independent living skills, self-esteem and increased social awareness. Students and young professionals gain compassion in how they serve patients both with and without disabilities through hands-on experience.


With funding generated from community donors, the Friendship House Fayetteville campus was built on leased property from Highland Presbyterian Church. Each home has two levels, each level having four single bedrooms, three full bathrooms, a shared common area and a kitchen.

The ServiceSource Foundation led the capital campaign to raise $1.3 million to build Friendship House in Fayetteville. ServiceSource, Inc., a leading non-profit that offers employment, housing and other supports to individuals with disabilities, is providing operational support.

Thank you to our community for the generous support. You have all helped make the unique and impactful model of Friendship House Fayetteville a reality.

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